“A Positive Life is a Sound Mind & Body”


Positive Mind and Body Support Group Network is set up by a couple living and affected with HIV/AIDS dedicated to supporting the needs our clients in Area 15. By making correct choices in treatment (primary care), prevention, testing and education a client will be more motivate to stay in treatment and adhere to treatment. The Positive Mind and Body Support Group Network can eliminate disparities for PLWHA in reach when in need.

This network of support groups is directed to and for those infected/affected by HIV/AIDS. We are here to address the client’s needs by reaching out to the community for the purpose of providing support services. In building a support group network for individuals, we wish to emphasize peer-to-peer interaction with education, prevention and treatment to care services.

We are here to help those who are in need for services in developing better support group network by utilizing all services that are available for the client in the Treasure Coast area. Every client will be treated with the utmost and strictest confidentiality while making every need a priority/ important in helping the client first and foremost.

In conclusion, we would like to extend an invitation to preview/ review upcoming dates for clients to attend any future support groups in our network within the Treasure Coast area. We are also offering educational opportunities provided by Positive Mind & Body to Primary Care Providers and Social Services Organizations that work directly or indirectly in the HIV/AIDS field. Topics that will include “Many Days in Many Lives”, “Presentation of HIV/AIDS Education”, etc. All upcoming announcements will be submitted to clients and appropriate agencies.


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