HIV Market Place (ACA)

Open your mail! Marketplace Coverage in Jeopardy for 310,000

You are receiving this email because we believe you reside in one of the impacted states.

On Aug. 12, the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace began sending notices to consumers who the marketplace could not identify as citizens or qualified immigrants (also called an “inconsistency”) and who have not responded to previous notices via mail, email and phone. Consumers who have not yet responded must act now and submit supporting documents by Friday, Sept. 5, or their Marketplace coverage will end on Sept. 30.

While the Federal Marketplace has already received documents and cleared a large number of data inconsistencies related to citizenship or immigration status, over 310,000 people still need to respond. Undoubtedly, many people with HIV will be impacted.

The information released by the federal government includes a map showing states that are impacted, and the number of people effected in each state. The most-impacted states are Florida (94,000 consumers), Texas (52,700 consumers), and Georgia (21,000 consumers) followed by Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey with 9,000-14,000 consumers each. Thirty-six states are impacted.

Action steps: All consumers need to make sure they open all mail from the Marketplace, and respond if needed. If a consumer is not sure they are impacted, they should log into their account or call 1-800-318-2596