Petition to Milton Hershey School

 As reported in the E-News of December 12, an HIV-positive boy has been denied entrance to the Milton Hershey school based on his HIV status. Kevin Maloney, known for his past petitions on HIV issues, has started another petition, as well as providing a list of Hershey products to boycott. You can read his commentary and view the list here. CNN’s Anderson Cooper kept the story in the news on his AC360 show—to view a clip of the story that aired on AC360, click here. In Kevin’s words, “I cannot believe the ignorance surrounding this story, and why the parents of these children of the school are not in support of this boy?!? Have we really fallen back 20 + years on AIDS education and awareness? I am mad and saddened. “I can only hope the community of Hershey, PA, surrounding communities, the students, and the parents of the school take a stand by rising up to HIV, and dismantle the ignorance that lies deep within this school’s administration.” To write a letter, send an e-mail, and/or call the school and the Hershey Company, a list of contact information is below.

Milton Hershey School: PH: (717) 520-2000 E-mail: Admissions 1-800-322-3248 Fax: (717) 520-2117 E-mail: Hershey Company SIGN THE PETITION


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